Saturday, 14 December 2013

Something about Flora Dreams

 The spa has these colour-therapy rooms with soothing blue lights and a couch where you are expected to lie down and relax while gentle music plays in the background. Different kinds of facials, body to body cross massages, therapy/treatments are on offer for all in house guests don’t get any rebates. A recent entrant to the spa scene in the city is the Flora Dreams at the park hotel which is very snugly located in the very sophisticated locality of BTM on Bansankary main road, Bangalore. 

Flora Rai the CEO and owner of the Flora Dreams chain of luxury Spa, has a very fascinating way of dealing with the various aspects of interiors and d├ęcor, apart from the architecture. I was told that at least a dozen designers were given by the boss. So we have these exotic corners of maroons and golds while at the centre there is this enormous light which is built up of these ice cream swirls in glass in the most delicate, mauves, golds, lemons, and creams all beautifully put together and creating a master piece by itself. Yet not standing apart.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mental Benifits of massage and Spa therapies.

Some peoples won't admit that massage can provide some mental benefits. Their question is " How the body massage touches the mind or brain". But it is a truth that massage can make you feel better in mind also.

The healthy mind can only create a healthy body isn't it? Yes we all know that very well that a massage is something different from a common facial. Lets come to the point that how a massage can help to improve your psychological condition. Blood circulation is one of the main factor which can control your physical and psychological condition. A massage can make you entire body with natural flow of blood which will lead a perfect circulation to the brain and the brain will function naturally. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

How a body massage benifits for you.

All of know that massage and massage centers are well known for different kinds of therapies. But the main point to be noted is most of us are not aware about the professional body massage. We agree that the good massage making good on our body and bad massage makes bad on our body. So approach only professional for perfect body massage. Here we are listing some advantages of body to body massage.

  1. It helps to remove waste from human body
  2. Will get natural sleeping without any external medicines
  3. Helps to get relief from joint problems like pain and relocation
  4. It helps to reduce lymph drainage swelling
  5. Blood reaches the entire body with perfect circulation
  6. Perfect breathing
  7. Removing skin problems and providing natural skin tone.
  8. Relaxation for muscles
  9. Perfect digestion